What to do when experimentation becomes a dirty word

brightonSEO October 2024

Even in elite organisations, experimentation can be a mix bag of different tooling, different teams and perhaps no centralised strategy or culture of experimentation. Think of the famous "FAANG" brands who still have multiple tools in use, more than one centralised team or different pockets of ab tests being run based on who owns what and the investment available.

"Experimentation Maturity" can be a dirty word, and even "Culture of Experimentation" is a bit too lofty an ideal when imposed on us lesser mortals sporting quite humble programmes in comparison. So long as a business is innovating "somehow", and that innovation involves taking risks and using evidence, then it's not the end of the world if experimentation is not part of the picture, all of the time, or always in the same format from one business to the next.

It's rare for a B2B product to need to operate the same sort of innovation process as a B2C ecommerce platform, compared to a fast growth D2C brand, compared to a B2B professional services firm. In this talk, we'll explore some of the reasons why, and what options you have to help you navigate your own programme.

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