Winning in the 'era of exclusion': proven strategies to optimize paid media campaigns

brightonSEO October 2024

PPC is entering the era of exclusion - and it's a tectonic shift for the industry.

Historically, PPC optimisation has been highly curative and all about inclusion - which keywords, audiences, geos or placements we should include. But with the evolution of broad match, smart bidding, and automated campaign types such as PMax, we now have much less control over campaign targeting than we did 5 years ago.

So in this new context, marketers need to fully embrace the “era of exclusion”. In practice, this simply means explicitly telling ad platforms to exclude keywords, placements, and audiences you definitely don’t want to target. The more extensive and clever you are with your exclusion audiences, the more you can drive up the overall ROAS of your campaigns.

In this talk, Chester will explore actionable strategies and exclusive data revealing how marketers can minimize waste and maximize conversions across PPC campaigns with bulletproof exclusion targeting criteria.

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