Help with the unexpected…

We hope that this information helps you to have a safe and enjoyable time at brightonSEO.

However we’re also aware that the unexpected can happen, and you might find yourself in need of some friendly local help during the event, particularly for those of you travelling long distances to be with us.

If this is you, then we’ve set up an email: which can be contacted at any time.

Or, if you need more immediate help, we’ve also set up a phone number straight to the management team which will be monitored on Wednesday to Friday between 8am and 11pm, just call 07786 951669

(Please note that if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in an emergency in which the welfare of yourself or others is threatened, your first call should still be 999).

Ask for Angela

If you’re in one of our party venues the venue staff will be briefed about the “Ask for Angela” Scheme which allows you to discreetly ask for help by going to the bar and Ask for Angela’ – a phrase aimed at alerting bar staff to the cry for help so they can help defuse the situation.



Most of the general information you might need about BrightonSEO should should be available right here on the website and event app. Look to the menu on the for event schedules and the venue map.

Throughout the venue we’ve added signage and maps, which we hope will help you find your way around. If you’re lost you can always ask another delegate, or look for someone in a brightonSEO staff t-shirt, or Brighton Centre uniform.

It might also be worth a scan of the FAQ page on the brightonSEO website, which answers a bunch of general questions about how the event runs, as well as links to more info.

If you need help on the day, you could head towards:

brightonSEO Information Desk
Located on the ground floor, this desk will be staffed all day. Just look for the people in the brightonSEO t-shirts who will be able to help!

Brighton Centre Info Point
Located on the ground floor the venue’s Info Point will be open throughout the event and will be able to give information about venue related enquiries, as well as deal with subsidised parking vouchers for Regency Square.

First Aid

If you require First Aid treatment on the day, please make yourself known to brightonSEO staff, Brighton Centre staff, or make your way to the First Aid point at the end of the West Bar on the first floor, and marked on the venue map. During event parties there will be a first aider provided by the event venue.


There are multiple toilet facilities, including accessible and gender-neutral facilities, throughout the venue including the main exhibition area on the ground floor and both the East & West Bars on the first floor. See map for locations.


We’ve compiled some accessibility information about the conference and the Brighton Centre have their own venue access FAQs.

As organisers it’s important that everyone feels welcome, so if you still have questions which haven’t been answered, or just need some more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via

Water, food & drink

There are a number of locations throughout the venue if you find yourself in need of food and drink on the day.

We don’t provide lunch during the conference (only during the training workshops) but there are plenty of places to eat near to the venue.

Prayer room

We’ve put a room aside for use as a prayer space. This will be signposted or you can ask a member of staff for directions.

Rest / Quiet areas

We are aware that brightonSEO is a very busy event, that sometimes people can feel a bit overwhelmed, and that finding somewhere quiet to take some timeout can be a bit of a challenge.

We’ve put aside a quiet room at the Brighton Centre. This will be marked on the map and with signs around the venue or ask a member of staff for directions.

If you or someone you’re with finds themselves needing a break, you can also leave the Brighton Centre at the front entrance, cross over the road and you’ll be on the beach.

Alternatively, both the West Bar and the East Bar have upper bar areas above them, which are often quieter, even on event days. These can be accessed via staircases in both bars – look for the signage to the the West Mezzanine, or the East Mezzanine, depending on which bar you’re in.

Emergencies & Evacuation

Evacuation Procedures:
In the unlikely event that an alarm is sounded on the day, please listen to the announcements over the venue PA system and follow the instructions of the venue staff.

Reporting the unusual / suspicious
In current times it’s important that we all remain vigilant for unusual activities, suspicious behaviour and unattended packages.

We would encourage all of us attending brightonSEO not to be afraid to report anything suspicious to BrightonSEO or Brighton Centre staff.



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