Behavioural Science for Digital Marketing

Behavioural Science for Digital Marketing Training

Learn the fundamentals of behavioural sciences and how to practically apply them to your digital marketing activity

David Somerville

David Somerville

Digital Marketing Consultant at David Somerville

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David’s interest in human behaviour started with him obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Behavioural Sciences, where he majored in Psychology. Since then he has been nudging behaviour with marketing activity for a wide range of brands across different sectors. In his role as strategy director for Fresh Egg, David had the opportunity to help launch an award-winning digital mental health service for London. This saw him work with Public Health England’s Behavioural Insights Team and various clinical psychiatrists and psychologists. David has delivered numerous training sessions, as well as run workshops and presented at numerous events, including the CharityComms Digital Conference. He’s also written for the likes of Econsultancy and Smart Insights. David has recently set-out as an independent marketing consultant, using his experience to help several different businesses achieve their goals.

Who should attend this course?

This course is designed for those who are interested in learning about behavioural sciences and how they can be practically applied to their digital marketing, to create measurable activity that’s rooted in understanding more about your customers.

Course Content

The training will include a mixture of theoretical learning and also practical exercises, where attendees will work in groups to practice what they are learning at key stages of the behavioural change process.

The day’s course content will include:

How humans make decisions

  • System 1/System 2 thinking
  • Cognitive Biases
  • Nudge Theory

What is behavioural science and why is it good for marketing?

  • Examples of good use of behavioural science in practice
  • A note on ethics

The behavioural change process

  • Identifying the behaviour to change
  • Understanding your audience with the COM-B model
  • Creating interventions and solutions with the COM-B and EAST models
  • Implementing, testing and refining

Attending this course will allow attendees to:

  • Understand how behavioural science and marketing work together
  • Learn more about human behaviour
  • Get introduced to some of the most popular behavioural science theories and models
  • Learn a practical behavioural change framework
  • Understand the differences between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ behavioural science applications.

What to expect

Marketing and behavioural sciences go hand-in-hand – by understanding more about the behaviours of your audience and the audience themselves, you can implement marketing activity that is not only going to be more impactful, but also can really benefit your customers.

This course combines theoretical learning with lots of practical exercises, meaning you will finish the day with more knowledge around behavioural sciences but also the framework and practical tools that you can start to apply to your thinking and activity straight away.

Centred around a behavioural change process, attendees will be introduced to some of the key topics related to behavioural sciences, plus a series of recognised models that are used by governments, public health organisations and brands across the world to help shape behaviour.


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