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Learn how to employ PR techniques to earn links from some of the most authoritative sites on the web.

Mark Rofe

Mark Rofe

Head of Digital PR at Contrast

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Mark’s been featured in numerous publications and has made appearances on popular TV shows such as ITV’s This Morning, The Late Night Show with Jimmy Falon and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. He’s the Head of Digital PR at ecommerce agency Contrast, and the owner of – helping aspiring PR professionals excel in their careers.

When it comes to digital PR, there's an assumption you need to be creative to come up with stories, have relationships with journalists, or you need a lot of money to create tools or resources. The good thing is, none of that is true, and all of us have the capacity to do it. This course from will show you how.

Course Content

The course is structured across 8 modules.

1. Introduction

Learn everything you need to know before you start building links with Digital PR. Like, wtf is digital PR, how does it differ from regular ole PR, and why the heck are we all so obsessed with links anyway?

2. Going Viral

We’ll be going through examples of campaigns that went so global that even your mom was talking about them. We’ll break them down and take them apart to reveal the ‘formula’ that makes stories go viral.

3. Coming Up With Campaign Ideas

Ideas are fuelled by consumption, not creativity. Through countless examples, you’ll learn to identify patterns that make a campaign work and the thought processes required to conceive your own ideas.

4. Campaign Formats

You’ll get an overview of how to execute five tried and tested campaign types or formats that agencies regularly use to score their client's those sweet sweet links.

5. Campaign Optimisation

You’ll learn the minor tweaks you can make to your campaign that’ll increase the odds of securing links, boost SEO effectiveness, and provide efficiencies that’ll help when it comes to writing your press release and pitching.

6. Creating Your Media List

Learn the techniques to discover writers that will cover your story without the need for journo relationships, and how to obtain the contact details of journalists without spending on pricey media databases.

7. Writing Your Press Release

Get inside the mind of a journalist to understand how they think, work and write, and with this knowledge employ digital marketing principles and psychological hacks to create a press release that delivers.

8. Pitching Your Story

Learn the tools to easily tailor and personalise your release to be sent to hundreds of journalists. You’ll be guided through what to say, when to outreach and what to expect, and I share my personal tips to grab journalists' attention.

The course is 4 hours long, and is presented as a video presentation with an audio voiceover.

Who is this course for?

This course has been created so that it's suitable for people of all levels, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, there's going to be plenty for you to take away from this course. 


We've partnered with Mark Rofe to share their course because we think it's great. If you sign up via our link we'll earn a little bonus to put towards things like Kelvin's t-shirt cannon lessons.

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