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Callum Lockwood

Callum Lockwood

Head of SEO at Re:signal

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Callum is the Head of SEO at Re:signal, an award winning SEO agency that predominantly works within eCommerce. He has worked in SEO for over 13 years, with experience across a wide range of websites within both B2B and B2C environments. Callum is also a part of the SISTRIX data journalism team, where he analyses the highest performers within specific industries to understand what SEO tactics are working for them.

SEO auditing is an incredibly broad topic, as it can cover anything from a basic technical audit to a reactionary audit into a sudden drop in traffic.

This course offers a practical and hands-on approach to addressing the most important types of SEO audits. It’s broken down into 3 main areas, technical, content, and backlinks. With 3 additional, smaller sections, focusing on situational audits which will surely be useful for all sites at some point.

After completing this course you can expect to be proficient in all of the above audits, which should be a part of all SEO’s toolboxes. As well as knowing exactly how to present this information to get the most out of your reports.

Who should attend this course?

This session is most suitable for SEOs with junior to intermediate experience that are looking to increase their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to SEO auditing. It is suitable for those both in house and agency side and will be applicable to almost all industries.

Course content

This course is designed to take your SEO audits to the next level by focusing on what to include in your audits to drive results and how to frame solutions to get changes over the line.

Rather than a demonstration of how to export issue reports from crawlers and data from search tools. It is a step by step guide of how to turn the data we have access to into actionable reports that can be understood by your intended audience.

Situational audits

The first section of this course focuses on standardised SEO audits that cover a broad range of recommendations within 3 core areas; content, technical and backlinks.

Content audits

  • Opportunity analysis and quantifying benefits
    • Understanding how to build opportunity analysis
    • Cleaning your data
    • Categorising your data (with AI)
    • Translating organic traffic to potential revenue
    • How to use opportunity analysis to structure your strategy
  • On-page content audits
    • Finding opportunities for optimisation
    • Quantifying opportunities to prioritise efforts
    • Researching keywords
    • Researching SERPs
    • Creating an actionable report from your findings
  • Category gap analysis
    • Uncovering category gaps
    • Understanding how they fit into the site architecture
    • Setting priorities
    • Mapping to search intent
    • Delivering an actionable report

Technical audits

  • Getting the right data out of ScreamingFrog
    • Indexing API
    • Pagespeed Insights
    • Link scoring
    • Custom extraction
    • How to verify issues
  • Manual technical checks
    • Chrome dev tools
    • Content rendering
    • Useful browser extensions
  • Google search console
    • Crawl stats
    • Sitemaps
    • Page experience
    • URL inspection tool
  • What not to include in your technical audits
  • How to layout a technical audit for maximum impact
  • Creating code snippets and development tickets
  • Creating an effort impact matrix

Backlink audits

  • Benchmarking your backlink profile against competitors
  • Understanding backlink metrics
  • Highlighting opportunities and gaps
  • Using Ahrefs to create a backlink audit
  • Linking backlink analysis to opportunity analysis
  • Reporting on direct actions to be taken

Situational audits

This section is focused on audits for more specific situations or requirements and will provide smaller audits that target one specific area of SEO.

Structured data audits

  • Finding structured data gaps
  • Benchmarking the industry expectations for schema
  • Highlighting rich result opportunities
  • Fixing structured data issues
  • Utilising your on-page content to populate schema
  • Implementation suggestions

Organic traffic drops

  • Common reasons for traffic drops
  • Unbiased reporting on organic performance
  • Understanding external factors
  • Building a story from your data points
  • Actionable report on traffic drops

Information architecture

  • Why a good IA is important
  • How to highlight opportunities
  • Topical grouping of content
  • User centric approach to site structure
  • Additional steps for eCommerce
    • Product variants
    • Faceted navigation
    • Category hierarchy
    • Department pages
  • How to create a deliverable from these audits

You will need to bring your laptop to the training to get the most out of the course.

Access to tools isn’t a necessity as the free versions tend to offer enough functionality to conduct most of these audits.


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Amy Winder

Amy Winder

Communications Manager, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd

This was one of the most helpful training courses I have been on, for the hands on training and advice that they were able to provide. Massive kudos!

Giorgio Di-lullo

Giorgio Di-lullo

SEO Account Manager, Front Page Advantage

Really good session which went into a lots of detail regarding this topic - good insight to different tools and very interactive with some great teachers, would definitely recommend!